Our mission is to help people heal themselves 

through our exclusive books, programs, classes, seminars and retreats,

and to support them on their healing journey every step of the way.



Find your healing

at our exquisite sanctuary

in the countryside. 

This unique facility is ideal

for folks with chronic illnesses who want to immerse themselves in natural and holistic healing programs.



Our exclusive book series includes a self-help novel, workbook, handbook, notebook and recipe book.

Combined they provide readers with all the knowledge and tools they need to heal themselves and discover true wellness.



Henry Jones's renowned Jumpstart Healing Program enables the participants to do four, very powerful, holistic healing processes over forty days and forty nights. 

All you need to do is follow the program and you'll experience a life-changing event.



We regularly host talks, workshops and seminars.

These events enlighten folks about the true power of natural, holistic healing.

They're a great way to meet our team, learn new things and network with healing practitioners.

We believe...

the human body is exquisitely balanced and infinitely intelligent, and it knows exactly how to heal itself. 


Our goal is to enable people to restore their bodies to perfect health,

naturally, holistically and permanently.




Healing your body holistically means treating yourself as a whole person.

Healing yourself naturally means using Mother Nature's own natural products to help your body restore itself to perfect health.



"There is an inseparable inter-connectedness between your body, mind, spirit and emotions.  These essential aspects of your SELF play a key role in your health and in the healing process. The secret of self-healing lies in restoring the natural balance between your body, mind, spirit and emotions.  When you bring holistic balance back into your life naturally, your body will be healed. It's that simple!"

- Henry Jones-

Here's what you can do... 

Physically, you can...

Help to boost your body's natural healing processes by giving it exactly what it needs to restore balance and harmony.

Emotionally, you can...

Identify the emotional blockages that make you sick and deal with them once and for all.

Spiritually, you can...

Become conscious of your true-self and connect with the natural healing energy within you. 

Mentally, you can...

Use the power of your mind to heal your body and create the reality

you desire.



We don't just treat the symptoms of disease, we address the cause of it.

We believe it is essential to treat the whole person -

physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The natural, holistic, integrative approach to healing and wellness attracts people who recognize the essential role they can (and should) play in their healing process whilst seeking expert medical care from qualified practitioners.

The vital combination of self-healing and functional medicine

is ushering in a new era in the medical industry.

It is best suited to those who intuitively know that drugs and chemicals are not the only answer

to sickness and disease.

Our goal is to awaken the inner physician,

and enable the natural immune system to work optimally. This mind/body approach requires lifestyle healing

and transformation.

Although it doesn't feel like it, sickness is a gift. It gives one the chance to make essential changes in life,

to start living in harmony with the natural laws, to restore work / life balance, and to discover one's true-self.

If these words ring true for you, then contact The Henry Jones Wellness Institute and you'll find what you need to heal your body and discover true wellness.




Cape Town is highly regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is the ideal place to visit on your healing journey. We offer special packages and programs for people from abroad. Our "Healing Safaris" include accommodation, transport, catering, treatment and excursions. We take care of all the arrangements, and we take special care of you. 


Our Signature Wellness Protocol is a twelve week healing journey that is jam-packed with essential medical diagnostics and therapies, as well as self-healing classes and modalities that bring about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.  Our carefully selected combination of tests, treatments, therapies, consultations and classes are designed to restore homeostasis - the bodies natural ability to repair, regulate, rejuvenate and heal itself. 

Talk to one of the team:


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then let us know and we'll have one of our team reach out and introduce you to what we do. 

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