Peter Shrimpton was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 33. Many visits to medical practitioners and hospital left him feeling helpless and afraid. As a victim of disease, he was told to depend entirely on his treatment and medication to get well again (and just hope for the best). Searching for answers, he read volumes of medical journals and spent many long, dry hours researching the latest drugs that modern medicine had to offer. Nothing he read brought him closer to understanding the cause of his problem, nor healing his body. But then Peter discovered natural healing, and a whole, new, exciting world of opportunity opened to him. He consumed every self-help book that he could find on the subject and started practising natural healing techniques. As he immersed himself in this fascinating approach to wellness, he made key notes from the scores of inspirational books he read, and the people he met, and began writing about his experiences. After restoring his body to perfect health, he volunteered in a local hospital for two years, where he got to share his new-found knowledge and experience with sick people. Finding great value in the notes he liberally distributed, patients frequently suggested he write a book. Most of the books he read specialized in a field of healing, but he couldn’t find one that showed readers exactly how to heal themselves holistically: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Preferring novels to self-help books, he was finally persuaded to write a story that can genuinely help people heal themselves, naturally, holistically and permanently. 

His book, The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones, was written for people who are sick, but it is relevant to everyone in this modern world. His writing style is colloquial and easy-to-read, so complex issues are made slap-your forehead-simple for ordinary folk with no medical background. After writing The Healing Chronicles of Henry Jones Peter set out to develop a healing program that would enable people to apply what they learn from his book. He took his years of research and practical experience and developed the Henry Jones Workbook and Handbook, and produced the Jumpstart Healing Program. He founded The Henry Jones Wellness Institute in Cape Town, South Africa, and embarked on a mission to help people heal themselves through his exclusive books, programs, classes, seminars and retreats.  If you need to heal your body, the Henry Jones book series will provide you with a complete, natural and holistic self-healing kit that is very easy to use, and extremely effective. It is our sincerest wish that you embark on this healing journey and experience firsthand how it helps you to heal your body and brings true wellness into your life. It worked for Peter and many others, and it will work for you too.

 “My intention is to start a wellness revolution on planet earth by enabling people to connect with their true-selves and showing them how to live in harmony with Mother Nature and the natural laws." #jonesey

- Peter Stephen Shrimpton-

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