Let us heal you in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


The Henry Jones Wellness Institute is located just a few minutes drive from Cape Town's renowned City Bowl, pristine white beaches, serene walks in nature, tranquil botanical gardens and rolling green Winelands.  It's the perfect place for you to escape your daily routine and focus exclusively on healing your body.  We welcome guests from all over the world. Our Healing Safari team will gladly make all your travel arrangements for you and provide you with personalized service and support during your stay.  From airport pick up and drop, transportation, accommodation, catering and wellness excursions, to the very best medical treatment and care at our centre and other venues in exquisite locations.  From budget to bling, we can ensure your stay with us is aligned to your lifestyle and within your financial capabilities. Contact us to find our more about our Healing Safaris.

About Cape Town:

Cape Town is widely described as one of the world's most beautiful cities. Nestling in a natural bowl between the vast Atlantic Ocean and the city’s picturesque Table Mountain, Cape Town is a combination of historical coastal charm and urban sophistication. Given its pivotal geographic position at the tip of Africa, it’s astonishingly diverse cultural mix and the extraordinary range and depth of geographic, historical, political, social and cultural experiences on offer, it is no wonder that South Africa's Mother City is highly regarded as one of the top tourist destinations on earth.  


Cape Town was officially founded in 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck of the Dutch East India Company based in The Netherlands arrived to set up a halfway point for ships travelling to the East. Portuguese explorers arrived in the Cape in the 15th Century and Khoisan people inhabited the area prior to European arrival.


About 3.5-million people live in Cape Town. (It is South Africa's second most-populated city.) 49 million in South Africa.


South Africa has 11 official languages. English, Afrikaans and Xhosa are mostly spoken in Cape Town and the Western Cape.


Mainly Christian, Muslim, Jewish.


Cape Town has gorgeous weather.  The climate is similar to that of California and the Mediterranean. Winter starts in May and ends in September and is generally a wet and windy season (which is perfect for snuggling up to a hot fireplace with a bottle of delicious red wine). Temperatures are cool and end to range between 7°C (45°F) and 17°C (63°F). Summer lasts from November to March and temperatures range between 19°C (66°F) and 35°C (95°F). The summer season is usually hot and sunny. It can be windy, but it doesn’t bring much rain.


33°55′31′′S, 18°25′26′′E


Cape Town lies in the GMT +2 time zone and does not have daylight saving time.

Monetary information:

The currency is the rand (ZAR). The South African exchange rate is favourable to most currencies, including the pound, euro and dollar. Most restaurants, shops and hotels accept international credit cards. Value added tax, or VAT, is 15% and is included in the price of all items, but can be claimed by foreign visitors when leaving the country.


South Africa operates on a 220/230V AC system and plugs have three round prongs.


  • Country code: 0027

  • City code: 021

Fast facts:

  • Cape Town is the capital of the Western Cape.

  • Cape Town is sometimes called the “Mother City” or the “Tavern of the seas".

  • The city’s motto is “Spes Bona”, which is Latin for “good hope”. 

  • Cape Town is twinned with London, Buenos Aires, Nice, San Francisco and several other international cities. 

  • Cape Town is South Africa’s legislative capital.

  • Cape Town attracts over 1 million foreign tourists, over 3 million local tourists and over 1.9 million domestic visitors per annum.

  • Capetonians set their clock by the Noonday Gun, which is fired on Signal Hill every day except Sunday.

  • The world’s first heart transplant was performed by Dr Christiaan Barnard in Cape Town in 1967.

  • Cape Town is home to the world’s largest individually timed cycle race, the Cape Argus Cycle Tour.


  • We recommend that our guests take time to learn more about travel, disease control and advisories in South Africa by visiting the sites below.

  • United States Department of State: Visit the Travel section of the US. State Department website for the latest travel warnings, consular information sheets, and public announcements. Here you can also find valuable travel tips for students and women traveling alone. You can find contact information for the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country you will be visiting. If you need information for obtaining or renewing your passport, you can get that here as well. 

  • Centers for Disease Control: Visit the Travel Health section of the Centers for Disease Control website for the latest health-related travel warnings, recommendations for immunizations, and important information about safe food and water in the country you will be visiting. 

  • No specific inoculations are required to travel to Cape Town

  • We recommend that you consult a travel physician and your family physician prior to the trip.

  • World Health Organization: The World Health Organization website offers a wealth of health-related information for the international traveler. The International Travel and Health section of the site offers insightful suggestions on the precautions one can take before, during, and after international travel. The site is well-organized and allows you to search for specific information on the country or countries you will be visiting.


Visa requirements depend on nationality, but all foreign visitors are required to hold a valid passport. South Africa requires a valid yellow fever certificate from all foreign visitors and citizens over 1 year of age travelling from an infected area or having been in transit through infected areas. For visa requirements, please contact your nearest South African diplomatic mission.

Apply for your Henry Jones Healing Safari:


Applying for a Healing Safari at the Henry Jones Institute is easy to do.  

Follow these simple steps:


  • Contact us via email to notify us of your interest.

  • Complete the Application Form that we email to you and return it to us.

  • Meet us face-to-face through Skype for a personal interview (We will also engage your doctors.)

  • Select a suitable treatment package from the list we present to you, based on your personal needs.

  • Sign the paperwork to secure your booking.

  • Now you can arrange your visa

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