Stop and answer this...

How did you feel last Tuesday? What were your dominant thoughts? What did you do? What did you eat? What vices did you indulge in? Can you remember? Probably not, right?  It’s easy to forget the past, isn’t it? But not when you keep a journal!

“Writing things down helps you to become more aware of your true-self, which connects you to unlimited reserves of natural healing energy within you.” 

- Henry Jones -



Have you ever kept a diary? Not just of your appointments, but also of your thoughts and feelings? If not, then you're about to discover firsthand how powerful and rewarding it is to record your daily experience of life. Especially on a healing journey! No kidding! Keeping a journal is a brilliant way for you to release your innermost thoughts and feelings in a constructive and wholesome way. It ensures you take time out for yourself each day. It also gives you the chance to reflect on your life and to plan your future. More than this: Summing up the past 24 hours of your life into a single paragraph makes you focus on the defining moments. It forces you to confront the foremost issues in your life and gives you the chance to connect with your inner-self and work out how you feel about them. It also helps you to identify the emotional blockages that are making you sick and deal with them, once and for all.



Writing in your journal is critical on a healing journey, If you don’t write your thoughts and feelings down on paper, they can spin around and around in your head like old, dirty clothes trapped in a washing machine. Instead of finding resolution to your thoughts and emotions, you go over them, and over them, and over them. You know what that’s like, don’t you? Now consider this: Your thoughts and feelings become conclusive when you write them down. By capturing them in black and white – you become decisive. Sure, it takes a little time to write in your journal every day, but this is a small price to pay for peace of mind on your healing journey. So do it! Write in your journal every day. You're the best investment you'll ever make.



If you don’t do the healing activities that you planned to do each day, you'll have nothing to write about. But, when you do what you planned to do, then you'll find yourself wanting to write about it. Try it! Each day becomes a personal triumph, and you'll want to record it. There’s no better way for you to celebrate the progress you make each day on your healing journey. Your notes become a permanent track record of your personal experience. They enable you to recall each day clearly and concisely. Upon reflection, they serve as an invaluable tool for monitoring and evaluating your progress. You must write in your journal. You must! Got it?

Writing personal notes each day transforms a diary into a journal.

(There’s a big difference between a diary and a journal).

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