Do you need to get away from it all for a while?

How would you like to stay in a stunning healing sanctuary in the countryside where you can focus your energy 100%

every day on restoring your health?

Sound good?  Book now to stay at our exquisite healing sanctuary for a truly life-changing experience.



The Henry Jones Healing Sanctuary at Old Joe’s Kaia is situated in the magnificent Schoemanskloof Valley in Mpumalanga, South Africa (very close to the Kruger National Park).  This unique country house offers exquisite gardens, fabulous scenery, fresh mountain air, prolific bird life, and a wonderful relaxing, homely atmosphere. It offers comfortable accommodation with rustic charm. A yoga studio and treatment rooms have been established to assist our guests on their healing journey. A key feature is the magnificent labyrinth which provides folks with a rare chance to stroll along its path in search of inner peace, self-reflection and mindfulness.



Our gifted chefs serve magnificent whole-foods, plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch and supper, as well as powerful healing juices and smoothies throughout the day.  Not only do we ensure our guests experience the true pleasure and healing power of eating natural food prepared with love, but we host daily cooking classes, so they learn how to prepare these mouth-watering dishes at home.



Each and every day is filled with carefully selected activities that promote natural and holistic healing.  Our key differentiator is that we focus more on self-healing rather than just offering our guests access to healing modalities. The day plan comprises of classroom sessions, practical workshops, medical consultations, stretching, meditation, exercise, healing techniques and exercises, treatments, reflection sessions, creative arts, me-time, and much more.  Field trips and excursions are also a key part of our program. Our expert facilitators guide our guests on their healing journey and provide them with personal attention every step of the way



Our renowned Jumpstart Healing Program is comprised of  four extremely effective healing processes; physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. They run sequentially over a period of forty days and forty nights.  Our guests can stay with us for the full forty day program or alternatively visit us for one week at a time to complete the various healing processes over the course of a year. 



Just like you find personal trainers in a gym, we provide professional coaching services to ensure our guests receive the help and support they need to optimize performance on their healing journey. 



At our Healing Sanctuary, our guests have direct access to an essential range of healing modalities that have been carefully selected to compliment the Jumpstart Healing Program; from ancient healing practices to revolutionary new breakthroughs in healing technology. 



At our Healing Sanctuary, we can facilitate access to leading doctors who practice integrative and functional medicine.  We don't believe in treating the symptoms of disease. We enable all the organs in the body to function optimally so that the natural immune system is empowered to eliminate disease. 

We also work closely with our guest's medical practitioners to ensure continuity in their treatment and consistency of medical advice. 

If this sounds just like what the doctor ordered then get in touch with us today to learn more about this once in a life time opportunity to heal your body naturally, holistically and permanently.  

In summation:

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  • Stay in stunning shared and private accommodation in the countryside.

  • Enjoy a scrumptious whole-foods, plant-based diet and learn how to make these nutrient-rich meals at home.

  • Receive all the knowledge you need to heal your body by attending theoretical and practical classes daily.

  • Complete our signature 40 Day Jumpstart Healing Program with help and support from expert facilitators.

  • Discover many wonderful techniques that will help you to heal your body and discover true wellness.

  • Consult with a highly qualified, resident medical team who practice functional and integrative medicine.

  • Follow a fully-facilitated day plan so you don’t have to worry about what to do each day to heal your body naturally and holistically.

Experience a life changing event!

 “The 40 day Jumpstart Healing Program changed my life irrevocably.   My gratitude extends beyond thank you - for making me believe, for making me healthy, for awakening my spirit."

- Graham Praetorius -

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