Our Signature Treatment Protocol is a twelve week healing journey that is jam-packed with powerful self-healing modalities and essential medical therapies that bring about physical, mental, spiritual and emotional transformation.


The carefully selected combination of  self-healing modalities and medical tests, treatments, therapies and consultations are designed to restore homeostasis - the bodies natural ability to repair, regulate, rejuvenate and heal itself.


STEP ONE: Introduction Talk

At The Henry Jones Wellness Institute, our Signature Treatment Protocol begins with attendance at the Introduction Talk. This group presentation is vital for folk who wish to heal themselves - or their loved ones - naturally and holistically.  It's usually held on a Wednesday evening from 6.00pm until 8.00pm. It’s a great way to learn more about our integrative approach to healing and meet our team members. Booking is essential.

STEP TWO: Enrollment

Due to the intensive personal attention we provide to our Journeymen, space in our Signature Treatment Protocol is limited.  Enrollment is this program is essential. It is facilitated by our Admissions Department.  We request a full medical history with relevant paperwork, scans and test results. 

STEP THREE: Medical Consultation

We arrange for our Journeymen to meet our preferred medical practitioners, so that they can learn more about their health challenges and complete initial tests to determine the most appropriate medical treatment and medication.

STEP FOUR: Diagnostics

Journeymen spend a full day with us doing various diagnostic tests, such as the enneagram, practical exercises and interviews with our team. It is essential for us to  truly understand the character, nature and life stage of each individual in order to give them the quality attention and care they need from us. Our Intervention Team then meet to review each case and to decide on the most appropriate self-healing and mentorship program. 

STEP FIVE: Performance Management System

Pivotal to our shared success is each Journeymen’s customized Performance Management System, which enables us to determine each Journeymen's unique baseline benchmarks, set goals, track progress and make adjustments to our treatment protocol as and when required. 

STEP SIX: Healing School

It is essential to acquire the knowledge and practical life skills needed to heal the body before embarking on a life-healing program.  Our Healing School offers a comprehensive curriculum that spans physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing classes.  

STEP SEVEN: Jumpstart Healing Program

Having completed the Foundation Classes at our Healing School,  the Journeymen are mentally prepared to do the Jumpstart Healing Program which runs for forty days and forty nights.  During this time their appointed Journey Leader assists them to optimize their performance by providing structured coaching, programming, guiding and hosting services.  

STEP EIGHT: Post Medical Assessment

Our Signature Treatment Protocol ends with a complete medical and psycho-dynamic assessment to determine the physical transformation over the past twelve weeks and to pave the way for further treatment, if necessary.

When your body, mind, spirit and emotions are in harmony with the natural laws you'll heal your body and experience radiant health and vitality everyday for the rest of your life.

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