Our goal is to provide our journeymen with the support and quality care they need to succeed

on their healing journeys. 

Our well-trained Journey Leaders will guide and support you every step of the way on your Healing Journey.  Their special services include:


Our Journey Leaders coordinate and facilitate the days our Journeymen spend at our venues to ensure they receive maximum impact and enjoyment. 



Our Journey Leaders advise our Journeymen on where to shop for healing products, practitioners to see, music to listen to, books to read, documentaries to watch, places to go, people to meet, events to experience, and things to do. 


Our Journey Leaders gladly arrange for our Journeymen to attend our healing school and help them to select classes that are most appropriate for their healing journey.


Our Journey Leaders help our Journeymen and their care-givers to do our forty day Jumpstart Healing Program, as well as design a follow-on lifestyle program that meets their needs during our treatment and beyond.


Our Journey Leaders oversee our unique Performance Management System which examines six focus areas and tracks seventy one indicators in four assessment sessions and one peer review.


Our Journey Leaders provide professional coaching using proven integral frameworks that have been customized for self-healing.  ​​They facilitate the practical transformation process that our Journeymen experience as they embark on our forty day Jumpstart Healing Journey and beyond.  Like personal trainers provide motivation and expert instruction in a gym, our Journey Leaders help our Journeymen to  stay focused, inspired and on track on their Healing Journeys.

Our Journey Leaders will also help you to… 

  • Think clearly and make the right life choices

  • Turn negative experiences into positive learning opportunities

  • Stay focused on what matters most to you

  • Break bad habits and create new, healthy habits

  • Think clearly and stay focused

  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Nurture, value and love yourself

  • Prioritize and simplify your life

  • Stay motivated and inspired

  • Increase your self-awareness and enhance your spiritual growth​

"We hold the hand and the hearts of our guests

and their care-givers on their healing journey."

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